Chalk Stream

I wrote this for the ‘Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Poetry Competition’ in June 2017.

It is relevant today as this year, 2019, we have the hottest days on record happening now across Europe! Europe…. don’t get me started. I love being part of Europe.

I can’t remember if I won or not. This version is highly edited anyway. It’s almost a different poem. Next time I read it I will know what ‘glistering’ means.


Chalk Stream

It was hot.

I was wet with sweat walking.

I put my hand into cool water.

The flow pushed my hand back.

Cold, nice and icy.

The other hand went in.

I splashed and danced my fingers,

Like when I was young,

Water-playing, so much fun.

It was hot.

I saw something blue.

A flash of colour.

The kingfisher waited.

Cool bird, staring in.

Its beak went in.

A small splash, then

snaffled fish to feed the young.

Under the warming sun.

It was hot.

I heard sweet birdsong in the tree.

A branch was in the cool water.

A robin gazed right back.

Brown beak opening to sing.

I smiled at him.

His song bubbled in the air.

Territorial display.

Under the yellowing sun.

It was hot.

I smelled something sweet near the stream.

I put my feet in the cool water.

My glistering face looked back.

Clear water burbled by.

A fish caught my eye.

It wriggled away quickly.

Seeking shadows.

Lying low under the sunset sun.



About torgwen

Irish Trad Musician. Documenter.
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