Galway Boy

He played the flute in an Irish band

(Not strictly an Irish band as there were two Japanese and a German)

(Not strictly a flute, never saw him play)

(Not strictly a band, this was a one-off)

But he fell in love with an English woman

(She would think he had anyway and believe he had eyes for her even if he didn’t look at her much. If at all. She put the not-looking-very-much down to the fact he found her so unbearably beautiful that he had to avert his eyes).

Kissed him anywhere? Don’t think so, he wasn’t close enough that she could grab him, especially in a manner that didn’t appear stalkish and menacing.

Took him by the hand? No, he kept it well out of reach.

Said “let’s dance”, they swayed like trees in the wind and tapped their feet at the same time which showed he had a sense of rhythm which is great. (Separately as he was now over the other side of the room.)

Met him on a street in Ireland by a cafe. No sharing of fags was involved, no idea if he smoked and it didn’t occur this would be a good chat-up line.

Could tell him how she used to smoke and he would say he did too, or he didn’t and finds it disgusting and can’t understand why anyone would and he would make a nasty sound in his throat.

Brother? No idea if he has a brother. If he has he probably plays a guitar as many people do.

He asked about the ink on her hand. Told him the biro in her handbag was leaking and there was no soap left in the Ladies or Mna in Irish as she found out when charging into the Fir (fur/hair/men, should have known) to wash it off.

He took a Mandy, an Aeorta (sorry no that’s a heart thing I was having trouble rhyming ‘water’) and two other women’s names that rhyme with vodka and cocktail.

There was no jukebox, just the live music.

She swore he liked her even though he was really far away and he had his back to her.

Chorus (which part of this is the chorus? No clue.)

He beat her at darts and pool the bastard.

She thought “I’m going to put you in a song I write”

but didn’t tell him as he was talking to someone else.

Arrggh her pretty pretty Galway boy, (not that young)

Her her her her Galway boy (well not exactly she heard later he has a wife and several children).

So that’s it, nothing happened, she walked off into the rain then her brolly broke and her dreams shattered as did her smartphone glass, so she had bleeding bleeding fingers and a bleeding heart and the red mixed with the rain and the biro ink and dripped into a purple puddle.

He played the flute in an Irish band and he fell in love with an English woman (no he didn’t). He didn’t kiss or talk about dancing. She would have asked about his flute after Googling first of course, but he just wasn’t interested.



(A parody on ‘Galway Girl’ by Ed Sheeran and others.)

About torgwen

Irish Trad Musician. Documenter.
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