The Woodpigeon Nest. Year Two.

Unbelievably there has been a wood pigeon sitting on a scruffy nest in the same part of the tree as last year (which went terribly wrong). There are two of them, one brings a twig or two several times a day and the other is sitting on the nest. They’ve been there a few days and I’m hoping for no wind this year though the tree has more protection and they’ve  chosen a better branch. Woodpigeon in tree (Small) 26th September, 2014. This morning I looked out of the window and saw a woodpigeon on the shed roof where one often lands with a twig before taking it into the tree for the nest. Today there was no twig. The woodpigeon looked distraught and disheveled  (I thought) and turned with it’s back to the tree then flew away. A while later I saw a cat and went out to chase it as it was the same one that I chased out of the Nest Tree the other day. I looked up into the tree as normal and saw the nest, like last year, had spilled off the branch. On the ground were two small woodpigeons. One was dead, but the other sat there very alive and when I went towards it lunged its head forward (someone told me this was to beg for food). I put it in a box with plenty of grass, twigs and leaves and locked it in the shed. Online there was conflicting advice as usual but I found a local bird rescuer and phoned her. She told me where to take the pigeon and when I met her she obviously cared a lot about wild birds. Yet again I watched the woodpigeon parents for a few days and grew attached to the head looking out at me, but their building skills and choice of tree are shocking. I hope they do better next time. It’s sad that I can’t tell them that one of their offspring might survive but we can’t talk to birds yet. Woodpigeons 2014 001 (Small)Woodpigeons 2014 005 (Small)Woodpigeons 2014 002 (Small)

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