Should I leave the dead bird in the fire grate?

stove 001 (Small)

There’s a dead starling in the grate.

I heard it, a couple of weeks ago, fluttering but not calling. I told the landlord but they didn’t seem to believe me. I asked them to check if the useless company that renewed the roof and threw my television area in a skip that they left outside my house for days had put back a cover on the chimney to stop birds falling in. They told me there would be a charge if nothing was found. So, if they were incompetent enough to not find how birds can get into the chimney I would have to pay.

When I came back from being away there were some flies around the window. I opened it and half a dozen flew out followed by more. I looked in the stove. There was the bird. I have left it there as evidence so the bastard landlord believes me. Of course it is a Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow so I will have to wait until Tuesday to speak to them

People don’t listen when you’re older. I told them. I told them about several other shortcomings to do with this house.

I phoned them three times to ask why they shave the grass outside the front of these houses so nothing wild grows for birds, butterflies and insects. The council aren’t obsessively cutting their bit of grass so why is my landlord?

When I first moved here I was shivering in winter. The stove did not heat the radiators efficiently. Eventually they put some insulation in and replaced doors which made some difference.

I’m sad for the bird and all the deceased creatures I have seen today on the roads and every thing that lived and we (humans) have killed.

There were some good things I saw today too. The Woods that had been bought by the Woodland Trust in Woodhall Spa with the Woodpigeons in and Wood in. The harvested field with its golden wheels.

Woodhall Spa 011 (Small)Woodhall Spa 013 (Small)

Update: 24/9/2014

Five and a half weeks since I reported the bird, someone has finally come to take it away. Last week they put a wire cap on the chimney.  Goodbye starling, migrated to the big place in the sky. Or at least the back of a truck.

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